advanced search help

The Advanced Search screen allows searching of one or multiple specific fields. This enables you to focus your search precisely using the full capabilities of the database.

Search tips :

  • Please note the database is not case sensitive.

Some examples of different types of searches that you can do in the PADDI Advanced Search:

  • Architect/Designer
    To search for a particular architect or firm, start to type the name. You can type a first name, a surname, or a company name. As you type, a list of architects or companies matching your query will appear. Click on the one you require.  You can search for practices which have changed name by selecting all versions of the practice name, e.g. you can select both Robinson Keefe Devane and RKD Architects
  • Author/Editor
    The name can be typed in any order without any commas, e.g. Frank McDonald or McDonald Frank.  In this field you will not be prompted with a list of names to choose from. For surnames where you are uncertain about placement of an apostrophe or a space, such as de Paor or O’Neill or O Cofaigh just enter the main part of the name to search, i.e. Paor or Neill or Cofaigh.

    Sometimes the author of a work is an agency, council or government department. To search for these type in two or three words from the organisation’s name.
  • Building/Structure Name
    Type in one or more words from the building name that you are trying to find, e.g., Jerpoint Abbey or shopping centre, Emo Court or Rosie Hackett Bridge

    If you are searching for a building or a structure with a Saint’s name in it, always use the abbreviated form of Saint without a full stop, e.g., St Patrick’s Cathedral or St George’s Hall

    If you are searching for a building or structure that contains the word street, always type this word in full, e.g., North Street Arcade, or Princes Street Market.
  • Location/Place
    You can search by country, county, city, town, area, townland, suburb, or street address. For example, Northern Ireland, Portlaoise, Tyrone, Laganside, Carryduff, Rathfarnham, Bantry, Phoenix Park, Malone Road, Griffith Avenue.

    If you can’t find a location by street name, e.g. Dawson Street, Templemore Avenue, Ennis Road, etc., try searching for a broader location, e.g., the suburb name or town name.

    If you are searching for a location or place that contains the word street, always type this word in full, e.g., Grafton Street, or North Main Street.
  • Subject
    As you type into this field subject terms, including related terms, will appear for you to select from:

    As you type high you will be prompted to select from high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, towers, high density housing, housing density and high crosses.

    As you type library you will be prompted to select from the range of options including academic libraries, public libraries, and national libraries.

    Click on one or more subject/s to select it/them.

    In some cases you will be prompted to use the preferred term, e.g., as you type unoccupied housing estates you will be prompted to select ghost estates or as you type refurbishment you will be prompted with renovation and restoration.
  • Title
    This field includes titles in all of the following categories:

    Journal articles:The planning system and housing supply
     €50 million school building boost
    Journal titles:Irish Construction Industry Magazine
     European Planning Studies
    Book titles:Irish demesne landscapes, 1660-1740
     Environmental protection consultation : analysis of responses
    Book chapters:The Belfast waterfront : prospects for the 21st century

    Search by typing in two or more words which are in the title. Omit punctuation and other symbols such as commas, currency symbols, semi-colons, year dates in the format YYYY, etc.
  • Content Types
    Select the content types which you wish to find. If you search for two content types you will retrieve records which have either content type one, OR content type two, OR both content types together in the same record.

    For example, if you type museums into the Subject field and click on sections and also click on plans you will find:

    1. all records on museums which include sections
    2. all records on museums which include plans
    3. all records on museums which include sections and plans